Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, bro !

i knw i posted this a day later but Happy 18th Birthday Brandon. man, we would've been so turnt up on your birthday weekend. But you're not here.. .and i still cn't wrap my mind around the thought of yu longer being here. tht day i seen you [jst a week before yu departed frm this Earth] at the beach and Re's house was soo fun! joking around, talking, laughing like we was still in high skewl.. .reminiscing abt LACES and how we actually miss tht whack ass skewl, haha. man, i never gave yu tht title but yu were sorta like a bruh ; fkk tht, yu were my bro . always, ALWAYS making me laugh even whn i tried my hardest not to . too much comedy for my life lol . yu always knew wht to say to make me say sumthing back, even whn i didn't wanna talk to yu . at txmes whn yu use to bug the shxt outta me. always tryna cop a feel and shxt.. .i would get mad, yu'd laugh. i'd be like "i fkk'n hate yu!" and yu'd jst laugh say, Oleji, i love yu" and try to hug me. man, i miss 'em all. yo hilarious ass laugh, yu and jihad always dancing, yu teaching me how to do the Johnny Bravo, senior year in ms. Cooper's english class [memories we can NEVER forget], so many things. yu made even the most serious shxt fkk'n HILARIOUS ! man, i love yu and miss yu . we ALL do . Save me a seat up there, tho and i'll see yu the day i get MY pair of wings. Rest In Paradise Brandon Jamal Perry [September 20, 1991 - August 22, 2009]. yu're forever in our hearts . "siixtiiesss!" --BJP